We are proudly present our new product —
Binder, Reaper DAW controller.

«Extensive possibilities for live work and unprecedented freedom of control!»™

The interface designed according to ergonomics and touchscreen usability researches,
it has been field tested in studio and live work.


• Tracks with names in scrollable banks of 30 tracks, with dedicated sends matrix

• Direct controls for level, pan, cut/solo/arm, up to 4 sends, track monitoring
  and track automation modes on each track

• Multiple tracks selection
  (enables grouping of mixer parameters like level, pan, cut/solo/arm, etc.)

• K-system color-coded metering on each track 

• Almost full control of selected track FXs: all parameters with real names and values
  in a banks of 16 knobs, bypass, bypass all FXs on track

• Dedicated full FX bypass (including master) button

• Dedicated buttons for item/track/take manipulations

• Advanced item/marker/grid navigation and full DAW snapshots

• Simple connection and solid functioning, thanks to Liine Lemur

• Detailed manual

Setup requirements:

• Wi-Fi for connection between Lemur and Reaper
  (almost any modern router or laptop' built-in Wi-Fi is OK)

• iPad 2 or later

Liine Lemur

Cockos Reaper + SWS extensions

• Minimal user's technical/engineering abilities and intelligence



Contributing to the project you speeding up development process
and user-developer feedback.

In next versions we'll take in account users feedback and recommendations,
it is also possible to make customized versions.


And here we go:

• Use it, feel free to ask questions.

• Please, donate if you like it