Binder 2 pre-release

Download it, test it, send feedback to us.
Alas, no manual right now, but it has almost the same functions as in Binder-1,
only more and better, so check version 1 manual for installation and connection instructions.

Remember that some Reaper operations have no feedback to controller,
like navigation and items operations commands, also phase invert
and master out send/mute sends, so this ones are not bugs of the Binder.

New features:
- Stereo metering on tracks
- double pan knobs (for "pan+width" mode)
- 8 sends with pan per track
- 24 receives with pans per track (for cue busses)
- 20 selected FX parameters in bank
- FX chain copy/paste add/paste replace
- Sends copy/paste add/paste replace/delete/mute-unmute
- Track phase invert
- Master send mute per track (for cue busses)
- Change plugins order in chain
- "Relative" faders mode (in addition to "free" and "cap only")
- 12 snapshots save/recall
- Current region and marker indication for easy "tape-style" navigation
- 24 markers with names (just touch "current marker name")
- 24 regions with names (touch "current region name")

That's all for now, folks.

Next thing to come:
We're experimenting on making custom plugins interfaces
to work in, you select an EQ in current track, and instead of
just 20 parameters knobs you've got full EQ layout with color-coded knobs
of different size, buttons for selecting filter types, etc...

yes, we can't get "meters" for comps here or gimmiky "EQ curves",
but it just makes us to work more with our ears, not eyes...
and this is the main purpose of all control surfaces!

Anyhow, the basic "set" of these will be included in Binder 2.1

Right now we're making interfaces for these plugins (which we're using extensively):
- Toneboosters: EQ, Bus Compressor, Ferox, Module, Omnisone, Reelbus;
- Vladg: Molot, Limiter6;
- ValhallaVV;
- TDR: SlickEQ, Kotelnikov;
- Voxengo TubeAmp; 

UPDATE: we will have full plugins control in Binder 2!  
Tested and confirmed: you can move/delete and now — add FXs 
with a new "FX Browser" which shows up to 32 of your plugins. 
(Alas, more manual setup from user needed here)

Final version — soon!